Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pottery Barn....I LOVE you

I went to Pottery Barn this past weekend and wanted one of everything.......

I did buy the chunky candle holder, I love all the distressing on it. They had a moss ball on top of the candle holder, but it was 24 dollars. AND I knew I could make one lots cheaper. I bought a large grapevine ball and a couple bags of moss. Hot glued that mess on and Viola! The total for it was 10 dollars, much better. I also found some candle holders at Hobby Lobby while I was there getting my stuff for my moss ball. The candle holders were on clearance for 6.06. I wasn't crazy about the color, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a can of spray paint! Oh, and the nest and cute little birds came from Tuesday Morning. So now I have a table vignette, that's so easy to Change out.

Little birdie from Tuesday Morning......

AND this beauty was 15.00 dollars at a flea market, I Love to find iron stone pieces. This was a steal. This isn't on my table now, but I thought I'd share.

The weather man is calling for snow and ice here. I have plans to go on a scrap booking retreat with some girlfriends. So I hope it's just enough to keep the kids happy and get to stay home from school, but not enough to make Momma mad because she can't scrap!! HA HA. I love going to scrapbook with friends, it's fun to stay up late and laugh and just be goofy! I do get lots done though!! : )
Happy Thursday


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love what you did!!!
Love the ball of moss-very nicely done!!!

jenjen said...

So pretty! I love that vignette. That little stool is so cute. And I love your mossy ball. Very ingenious!

Cute blog!


craps dealer said...

Hello Sharae,
I just wanted to check on Cole, I heard from my mom (Carol) that he got hurt doing some tricks on the ice!
I've been meaning to write sooner, I'm Matt, Charlie's cousin. I check out your blog all the time, love reading it. You've got 3 handsome boys.

Hope Cole is feeling better!


mother of three fellas said...


I tried to go straight to your blog....Couldn't

Cole is doing good. He was sleding and Charlie was pulling the sled by the four wheeler, he wraped around a street sign, broke rib and bruised liver. He is doing great now, Even going to school today! Thanks so much for asking! Let me know if I can read your blog!!

craps dealer said...

Hi Sharae,
Glad to hear he's doing good. Please say hi to Charlie for me, I miss seeing all my cousins.

You can't see my blog because there is not one to see! I tried to do a blog at one time but just couldn't find the time. Now I use facebook to keep in touch with my friends and I have some pictures on www. and some on facebook too. Are you on facebook? I use it almost everyday.