Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pottery Barn inspired display board

My sweet real life pal Mandy of Crafty Southern Mama is starting Terrific Tuesdays. I love sharing and finding great ideas.

I'm joining in.

I actually did this a few weeks back.

I had this BIG, ugly, gold frame. It had great potential...

In eying every page of  last seasons Pottery barn catalogue. I figured I could copy.

A little spray paint and some twine!

I just wrapped twine around the frame and hot glued in some areas to keep the twine from slipping around.

cheap Ol' clothes pins to attach the boy's artwork and Viola!

I have this hanging in my hall. I love to display children's artwork everywhere in the house.

Of course here's them helping me blog this afternoon.

Such little monkeys!

Hop on over to Crafty southern Mama and join in on the fun.

Cookbooks and closets....

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday, we sure are around here today.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite cookbooks right now.

This was pretty much sums up my cooking right now. Three kids, four dogs and a husband...That doesn't leave much time for cooking. I bought this book recently at Barnes and Nobles, I love it. Lots of yummy kid friendly recipes. I also like it because each recipe comes with a list of things you need at the store and a side item that would go good with the recipe.


 My other several year old favorite is this...

The ultimate Southern Living has some great recipes. Quick, healthy and family favorites. I always find something in here when I want to impress someone with my cooking!

And of course Mrs. Paula herself

This is not your healthiest recipes...but Ohhhh so YUMMY!
My favorite enchiladas come from this book.

I LOVE cookbooks, and love to hear when others find great cookbooks that they love.I would rather read a cookbook than a book. I guess because I LOVE to eat!


On to the closet...I'm not done, butgetting there. It definetly looks much better and CLEANER.

I went through and cleaned so much crap...
I mean like who really wears 100 white tee shirts? 500 pairs of unmatched socks?

I utilized our shelving much more. They were empty, so why not put things on there that you use daily?
My hubby is so bad about hanging jeans up, so folded on the shelves works better for both of us.

I added a few accessories to his dresser...
An old frame I hot glued some twine on the back. Now a great place to place pictures and little Love notes!

I found the cutest little necklace holder at TJ Maxx. It was only 9.99. I still want to add a rug on the hardwood floors and a chandelier, If I can convince Mr. B.

I guess I better go get the kiddos picked up from school.

Have a great one!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Because I have nothing to do!

Yeah right....

I'm not real sure why I ALWAYS find something to make a big huge mess with. Like I don't have anything else to do with my time!  My hubby and kids think I'm completely nuts!! Anyways, I have been wanting to repaint my master closet. I painted it before we had our closet shelves installed. Well, I didn't mix the paint good...and lets just say the paint was very streaky on the walls once it dried. It has bugged me for a year now.

I found a gallon of cream color paint on clearance at Home depot for 5.00. The color is called Irish cream, pretty much the same color as our shelving.

I actually had already started before I took some pictures yesterday.

It's really hard to tell with the lighting, but the paint is looking so much better, I want to change the fluorescent light out and add a cute little chandelier in here as well. And I'm going to get everything organized in here too.

I really want a closet that looks like this from Megan's from Honey Were home.

Or like this....I love all the room in this master closet. When we built our home 8 years ago, I thought our closet was huge, and it was compared to what we had before.
I guess I need to go in there and finish painting. I really do not like painting at all, especially with a two year old and a bull dog at my feet.

I will be sure to share the turn out when I'm all done.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new little craft room light

Yep, I'm back...I know it's been a long time since I have posted, but I still have been reading my favorite blogs!

I'm just picking right back up and joining right back in. I thought about quitting all together, but I get so many wonderful ideas here in blog land. I hope I can inspire some folks as well.

One of the latest things I've accomplished is getting rid of the boring ceiling fan here in my craft dump room. It has added so much character and actually a lot more light.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone it's not really glass! You would never know unless you touched it. I got it from Home Depot for 99.00. It really does look expensive.
It definitely pulled the room together, I just look at it and smile when I'm in here on the computer
Here's where I do my blogging reading! Not no more...please come back, I have a lot to share.

It's snowing here again today, I'm jumping off to go get my babies from school. If it even looks like snow around here, school is canceled!

Stay warm