Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitchen nook curtains

I slaved over these oh so ever hard curtains. I got the idea from the WONDERFUL Nester. Check her mistreatments out. I'm happy with the way mine turned out. I wanted to add a pop of color,but not cover up my woodwork or windows. I found this plaid fabric from Joann's. I used the curtain ring clips to hang them instead of a rod.
Here's a few pictures....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Party and flea market table

Here in the South it is a must to have a garden!! There is nothing better than fresh homegrown veggies. This was a family project, everyone of us pitched in to get this up and growing. If your going to eat it, YOU have to help plant it! HAHA!

We planted tomatoes,cucumbers,banana peppers,okra, green onions, and can't forget the squash. A garden is a lot of work but oh so worth it!

Charlie Mac played on the tractor most of the time......

The boys helping Daddy smooth the dirt out

Charlie Mac tilling.............

Carson tilling................

And Cole was a HUGE help tilling.

Here Cole and Carson getting ready to plant..................
Carson planting some squash
And all done, now we just have to keep it watered, sit patiently and wait for it to grow. I can't wait to cook some yummy home cooked meals for my family, from the garden grown with love!!

I have been wanting a little table for Charlie Mac. I've been eying the one from Pottery Barn Kids, but just hated to spend 225 dollars on a little table. Well, my mother in law ran across one from a local flea market. She told me about it, so I ran up there and bought it. It was a dark cherry stain color, but I wanted something with more of a statement. I bought red and black spray paint, and went to town!! It was so easy and gave it more of a WOW look. I wanted it to go with my colors in my hearth room, because I thought I would keep it in there for a while. It also matches Charlie Mac's room, so when I want to move it up to his room it will go with his room also. Can't beat a cute, sturdy little table for 30 dollars! Charlie Mac loves it too :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carson's 7th birthday bash

I can not believe my middle man is 7 today. It just does not seem possible, that Carson can be seven. My mom aka Mimi called to tell him happy birthday and she asked if he felt older today and he said" Yes, Mimi I do feel seven today!". He's a ham

Saturday we had his party at a local jump place. The kids had so much fun and were completely worn out. We did the party in Star Wars, Carson's favorite. He got about 150 dollars, and some cool toys. Carson set in the king's throne to open up his presents, which was neat. He had a great turnout and is now a rich little boy!

We are having a little family birthday this evening. i always make them a birthday dinner of choice, and he picked barbecue ribs. I've already got them out on the smoker. I picked up some fresh homegrown strawberries and am going to make strawberry lemonade. It's so nice here we are going to have a little outside dinner by the pool! I'm heading up to the school to take cupcakes to his class!!

Here are some pictures from the party Saturday

Cole was great with keeping C mac entertained!

My mom aka Mimi, she was even worn out!

Happy birthday sweet boy, Momma loves you!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just like his Momma

That boy he is just like me, I guess its because he spends his just about every wakening moment with me. Charlie Mac is the funniest baby ever, and of course the cutest, if I must say so myself! We had a beautiful day here and I feel like I got a lot done. We planted some more flowers, and spray painted this ever so cute little table, I found at a local flee market. It is just the right size for Charlie Mac to read his books, or have a snack at. I'll share some pictures soon.
Here he is strutting his stuff through the flower beds.

I told ya he was just like me, he would not leave the spray paint can alone. Ha Ha!!
And He loves Sonic Sweet Peach Tea!!

Charlie Mac loves to be outside, and loves digging in the dirt, Isn't that what little boys are for?!!

I love these sweet little hands.

I truly cherish these time I get with my three boys. They grow up so fast, I always heard "Your going to blink, and they will be grown", I know that is the truth. Tomorrow is Carson's 7th birthday. We had his party Saturday and will have a little family party tomorrow evening. I'm going to go eat with him at school and take cupcakes tomorrow. I'll post all of his party tomorrow. I can't believe my middle baby will be seven. I'm going to go round um up for baths.

Future FFA's

Oh my, I have a lot of blogging to catch up with! It has been a complete whirlwind around here. We had a great weekend with some of Charlie's family from Louisiana. Charlie's cousin and his family came for a weekend visit. We were so glad to get to spend some time with them.

Friday evening we went to Charlie's parents and had awesome burgers, let me tell you his mom can cook!! We visited for a while and then headed over to Charlie's sisters to see our nephew's new sheep and goats. They are the cutest lil' things. The boys had a ball feeding them. My boys want to show animals like their big cousins do! Now, I'm not quite so sure about all that, but anyway we'll see. HA HA!

Carson played so good with their little boy Noah. They had a ball all weekend. Carson was absolutely exhausted he even fell asleep while I was reading Saturday night, which he NEVER does.

I will be posting later too, playing catch up!
I hope ya'll had a great weekend too :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Water Baby!

We had absolutely fabulous weather here yesterday! It even got warmer than what it was supposed to, I think it reached 80 degrees in fact. Not today cloudy and 65, ugh :)

I was attempting to water my plants when Charlie Mac found out that I had water. He LOVES water! water in the bathtub, water in the sink, water on the pool cover, he even now can find puddles, (such a boy).

He had the best time playing with the hose. I had fun watching him and practicing my photography. I just love this little fellow!

Happy Birthday MOM!!

PS I wont tell anyone your 50! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I love my little life

We had a great weekend around here, all except taking little Mac to the ER Friday night. I don't know why babies always get sick during the night and on the weekend??? Charlie Mac is ok, he has a ear infection. This makes number three, in the last couple of months. He might end up with tubes like the other two did.

Charlie and I were able to go on a much needed date Saturday night. My niece Anna came over and watched the boys for a couple of hours. Bless her heart, She was a little bit frazzled when we got home. Charlie Mac is a mamma's baby, he fussed quite a bit. She did great though. We payed her good so she will come back, HA HA! We ended up going to Saddle Creek for dinner, it was yummy. We then headed over to the mall, I got me a super CUTE pair of Yellow Box shoes! I was glad Charlie and I had the chance to go out by ourselves, we are going to do this at least two times a month. Cole took our picture, he did a GREAT job.

Sunday morning we play hooky from church, C Mac was still not quite up to par. I got Carson a set of Easter ceramics to paint, he went to town painting. He's my little artist. He was proud of what he painted, as you can see! I helped him and painted one, I had fun too. Charlie Mac played under the table in his usual spot.

Carson had a flag football game on Sunday, we all loaded up and went on out to watch him. It was so windy here, Charlie Mac and I ended up in the car.

Her we are heading to the game, Mac loves his brothers and they absolutely love him.

They all three are so silly.

Carson's has his mouth piece in, he doesn't have lips THAT big!!

He's doing some serious stretching here before the game.

I'm so glad we don't have to be on the go all the time to be happy, I love being home with my family. The boys would rather be home than anywhere else. It's so nice to be together as a family and enjoy the time you have together, without having a set schedule all the time. I absolutely love my little life!!!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend also.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So glad it's the weekend!

I'm just now posting, just had to much to do this week, and the boys were on Spring break last week. We had a great Spring break, didn't do a whole lot. We did make it down to see Charlie's family in Louisiana. We had a great time visiting,shopping and of course eating!!

Here is Charlie's aunt Anita and CM. Her yard was just beautiful, they are a little bit ahead of us bloom wise.

The boys love her wiener dog "stretch", they fight over him constantly, who's going to sleep with him,who's going to take him for a walk. That poor fellow, I know he was worn out by the time we left there!!

I have been playing around with my new Adobe Photoshop, OH MY GOSH, it's driving me crazy, I can't figure out anything on it. I'm going to have to find a book to help me with this complicated thing! I tried (notice I said tried) taking some pictures of Charlie Mac this morning so I could play around with the Photoshop, Here's just a couple of him. I Have to put him in a basket to contain him, That lil' man is in constant motion.

We came out and played this morning,it was beautiful here today. CM loves his swing and being outside. I practiced with my camera on something that would stay still, HA HA! My tulips are just gorgeous this year.

Have a great weekend !