Sunday, September 27, 2009

Post Tubes.....

Oh my what a CRAZY end of the week!!! I think I'm back to normal, well, as normal as I am! HAHA!

Charlie Mac had his tubes done last Thursday and all went good. Poor baby he had no idea what was fix'n to happen to him. Bless his little heart. He did not like any of the nurses or doctors messing with him. They took him back and he just stared at me and cried, talk about a broken heart for this Momma. When they brought him back after the surgery he didn't even cry much. My other two did, I think from the anesthesia. I was prepared for him to scream bloody murder, but he was pretty calm. The next morning he started running a fever, I was freaked out. I went ahead and took him to his doctor and had him checked out. I even had them do a flu test, I have been scared about this whole swine flu thing. I know it's just a strand of the flu, but there have been some deaths around here. When it comes to my boys health, I'm a complete nut! Anyways, I think CM just had some kind of fever virus, he's all better now.

We have had a super busy weekend, Carson had a football game Saturday and We had a Sunday school party yesterday evening. Today has been pretty calm, Charlie and the boys are putting up a deer stand, this aftrnoon. Oh, Boy... The hunting is beginning soon.

Carson in his football attire, he looks so cute!!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, I will be back soon to show my craft room reveal!

Monday, September 21, 2009

finished barstools and My sweet lil' man's getting tubes...

My sweet fella is having tubes put in his ears Thursday morning. I hate that he has to have them, but it will make a huge difference. My other two boys had them also, so I figured Charlie Mac would have to have them to. His ear infections didn't start till around January, once he slowed down on nursing. I'm a firm believer that him being breastfed for over a year definitely helped him stay so healthy. this is just one of those things that is probably genetic, and that I'm sure he will outgrow like my other two did. We have to be a the hospital bright and early and I will keep you updated.

I was trying to change my sheets on the bed this morning, and he would not get OFF!!!! We had fun playing in the sheets!

Such a little SWEETIE.....

Ok, I finally finished my bar stools, they were a bargain at a local flea market. I got all three for 75 dollars, WHOOT,WHOOT}

I can't find my pictures of what they looked like before. Anyways, I used my spray paint and painted them babies and wiped of in areas where I wanted them to look distressed. I'm so happy with them and they look wonderful with my table. I feel so good about it to, because I saved quite a bit of money. they look so similar to Ballard's and Pottery Barn, but a fraction of the price. I love the rush seats, now my boys can wipe their little grimy hand on them, and they will clean right up.

And here's a sneak peak at my new craft room, just a few more things to do and I will be done. You will just have to come back and visit!!
My new curtains.....

My favorite part of the room......

I guess I better get off here and be productive, Ha!
Have a great Monday, Mr. Sun is finally back!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy as a BEE....

It has been so crazy around here lately. I guess with adding the boys extra activities and all has just overloaded me!! Charlie Mac had a ear infection last week, so he only went to ONE morning of preschool. He did go this Tuesday and cried the WHOLE time, such a little mommas boy *sigh}. He goes tomorrow to preschool and I have a bunch of things to do.
I have been working on my sewing and craft room this week. When I'm totally done I will share some pictures with you, so you need to come back!! The bar stools I ordered from Ballard are on back order again, so I'm thinking I'm going another route. I will share more on that later.
The weather here this week has been HORRIBLE, it has done nothing but rain, ugh!! :) I'm ready for Mr. Sun. Well, I better go get these boys tucked in the bed. Carson and I are reading Charlotte's Web, one of my all time favorites. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle up with my boys and read with them!
I will leave you with what I caught Charlie Mac doing in the car......
Watching Barney and eating his feet, Oh how I love him!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My little man started preschool

Well, Charlie Mac survived the morning!!! He screamed when I dropped him off this morning, but his teacher Mrs. Shawn said, for only 5 minutes. He did great and played with the toys and even went out on the playground. I wanted some pictures of him in his class, but I just had to let him go, if I stayed it would of been much, much worse. All in all he did great. It was all I could do to keep him awake, and feed him lunch before I laid him down. I missed him and was one happy Momma to go and pick him up!

Enjoying his morning coffee with daddy.....

He would not let me have that thing in his mouth!......

So sweet........

Right in front of the preschool. Yep, still have that thing in his mouth. }

I need to go and get some things done before it's time to get the boys,
Have a good one.

Deer camp!!

Last Sunday we packed us a little lunch and headed to Charlie's deer camp. He needed to check his cameras to see if there have been some BIG bucks strolling around!! The kids and I decided to go along with him and take the four wheelers for a family ride. There is never a dull moment here with the Bryant boys! Carson got his four wheeler stuck two times and Charlie had to pull him out, it was pretty funny. We had a great time just riding the five of us. There wasn't a soul in sight. ;)
There's Carson's poor little four wheeler!

Charlie checking the camera.....

Me and my boys, I'm one lucky princess!!!

The big boys {Gosh, Cole looks just like his daddy}

Charlie Mac started his first morning of preschool, He wasn't a happy camper! I will share more of his morning later. He looked so sweet in his little smocked school bubble. I'll be sure to share some pictures.
Have a great Monday!