Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My little man started preschool

Well, Charlie Mac survived the morning!!! He screamed when I dropped him off this morning, but his teacher Mrs. Shawn said, for only 5 minutes. He did great and played with the toys and even went out on the playground. I wanted some pictures of him in his class, but I just had to let him go, if I stayed it would of been much, much worse. All in all he did great. It was all I could do to keep him awake, and feed him lunch before I laid him down. I missed him and was one happy Momma to go and pick him up!

Enjoying his morning coffee with daddy.....

He would not let me have that thing in his mouth!......

So sweet........

Right in front of the preschool. Yep, still have that thing in his mouth. }

I need to go and get some things done before it's time to get the boys,
Have a good one.


Mandy said...

LOL @ the coffee!

Evan is the SAME way...that stinker LOVES coffee (my coffee).

Bless, CM looks so big...I can't believe he's that big already! He looks so precious in that bubble & with that paci! ;)

Evan starts MONDAY...come on MONDAY!!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a cute outfit!
Does this mean all three are in school?
(If so, you are a lucky girl!)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

What a wonderful moment to see in early in the morning loveones having a cosy moment, huh?

That outfits really a big hit, in my point of view.

Have a nice day!