Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deer camp!!

Last Sunday we packed us a little lunch and headed to Charlie's deer camp. He needed to check his cameras to see if there have been some BIG bucks strolling around!! The kids and I decided to go along with him and take the four wheelers for a family ride. There is never a dull moment here with the Bryant boys! Carson got his four wheeler stuck two times and Charlie had to pull him out, it was pretty funny. We had a great time just riding the five of us. There wasn't a soul in sight. ;)
There's Carson's poor little four wheeler!

Charlie checking the camera.....

Me and my boys, I'm one lucky princess!!!

The big boys {Gosh, Cole looks just like his daddy}

Charlie Mac started his first morning of preschool, He wasn't a happy camper! I will share more of his morning later. He looked so sweet in his little smocked school bubble. I'll be sure to share some pictures.
Have a great Monday!

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