Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We heart play-dough and hate penicillin! CM DOES)

Charlie Mac had his first play time with play-dough! He LOVED it, literally. He thought he was supposed to eat it instead of play with it! HAHA! I have so much fun doing little things with him, like play-dough. Everything is so fascinating to him.

Here's the big boys' new "BIG BOY" bathroom. Charlie had slate laid on the floor and all in the shower. The counter top has a tumble stone now. Very "Manly" now. I'm happy with the new look. I think they are to. I want to get some more decor. in there. Just haven't found what I want yet.

Here's the shower. I love the new little ledges to put shampoo and soap.

Charlie Mac had a horrible allergic reaction to penicillin. He broke out into awful hives. He was covered from head to toe with them. The doctor gave him a steroid shot and oral steroids. he's better, but still has a few left. The doctor said it could take a week to get out of his system. He was pitiful. you know it's bad when your macho husband cries because he looked so bad and miserable. I'm glad he's better though.
We have a busy week ahead of us. Cole and Carson are finishing up basketball and starting spring flag football. They both have two practices each this week. So I'm back to the Mrs.Taxi Driver.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines day here at our home. We pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed the weekend outside. Charlie cooked steak and lobster for me and the kids, his dad came to visit us as well. It was YUMMY. You ask the kids what they want to eat and they say "LOBSTER".

The stomach bug came to visit us, everyone of us! I feel like I have had sick kids forever,well not forever but a week. I finally got the boys off to school and now CM and I can get back on our schedule.

I have been ironiong and getting clothes ready for the Jack and Jill consignment sale next week. I hate getting rid of CM outgrown clothes, it makes me sad. I know I have got to though, if we want room in the closets for clothes that FIT. It's alot of work,but it's worth it.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Oh. how I wish my tush looked this cute in jeans!
Carson at his Valentine party at school

Carson getting his gift from Mom and Dad

Cole getting his Valentines from Mom and Dad

The boys holding the lobsters one final time!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Charlie Mac's first Birthday

Oh my, I can't believe my sweet baby Charlie Mac is one year old. This year has flown by. It makes me sad to know we are done with our first year. I love him so very much and he makes me laugh, he is the funniest baby ever!

We had a birthday bash here at our home. The colors were blue,brown and yellow. I painted him his annual birthday plate and that was where I decided on the colors to use for the party. The goodie bags had his pictures tied with ribbon and were filled with Hersey kisses. The cake was beautiful and tasted beautiful too!) For his birthday we got him the My First Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, he seems to like it. He got alot of nice things for his special day

I'm still trying to figure out how to move my pictures around, so they are not in the order I wanted. As you can see we had a wonderful day with our sweet lil' man and family.

Monday, February 2, 2009


It is absolutely beautiful here today!! Spring teaser kind of day. Charlie Mac and I have been outside enjoying this weather.

I have been trying to get tax stuff together here in the office and trying to organize, not easy with a soon to be 12 month old!!)

We had a busy weekend, with both the boys having basketball games,remodeling the boys bathroom, (that's what happens when you have a flooring company!)We have only built this house and lived here for 5 years, for crying out loud! I'll share picts. of that soon. I EVEN managed to have a date night with my man. We went to Vermillion Water Grille, downtown. It was nice for us to get away for a couple of hours.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!