Monday, February 2, 2009


It is absolutely beautiful here today!! Spring teaser kind of day. Charlie Mac and I have been outside enjoying this weather.

I have been trying to get tax stuff together here in the office and trying to organize, not easy with a soon to be 12 month old!!)

We had a busy weekend, with both the boys having basketball games,remodeling the boys bathroom, (that's what happens when you have a flooring company!)We have only built this house and lived here for 5 years, for crying out loud! I'll share picts. of that soon. I EVEN managed to have a date night with my man. We went to Vermillion Water Grille, downtown. It was nice for us to get away for a couple of hours.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

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Leigh Ann said...

Yeah! I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers...and one from my own town! How fun! Your three fellows are VERY cute. I know you must be having fun and must also be busy! I, too, LOVE photography. You are taking some awesome pics. Where are you taking your class? I would love to do that sometime. Hopefully, soon. Where do you guys go to church. We are at New Life. Oh, and is that granite on the tops of your steps??? So gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm looking forward to checking back in on my "home girl". LOL!