Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ballard stools...

Well, I have been wanting new kitchen bar stools for a while now, you know to go with my new farm table.

I really, really wanted these out of Ballard's These beauties were featured in Southern Living I just got in the mail. Charlie DID NOT like these because they didn't have backs, and said the boys would fall off and hit their heads. Well, he is probably right.....

So, I got these in the rubbed cream color. I love the french country look of them, and the rush seats.
If your eying something out of Ballard, I used the code SA2508 and saved 15% on my order. It's only good through today.

I will be sure to post some pictures when I get them.....
Anyway, I have lots to do, the grocery, library, and the list goes on.....
Happy Monday! :)

Busy, Busy, Busy.......

Oh, My...... We have been so busy around here this past week. we are getting the hang of school starting back and our busy football schedule, Wear me out!! :)

We have had a beautiful weekend here, not our typical end of August weather. We have spent just about every free minute outside. We landscaped in front of Charlie's shop yesterday and it looks so much better. I will share pictures of that soon.

Charlie Mac is just the cutest thing ever, He LOVES his tractor and loves pushing it all around the yard. I couldn't help but share these sweet pictures of this little fellow.

We are heading to church this morning and then going out to Charlie's deer camp to ride four wheelers and just enjoy the outside with the boys.
Have a super Sunday!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend finds.....

It was beautiful here Saturday. In between the boys football drafts I went to a new flea market that is just a few minutes away. I found some pretty neat things.

I couldn't pass up these silver candle holders. I think the one is called a candelabra. It was hand made in India. I love white anything, so I picked up this white milk glass vase.

I LOVE this old iron. It was 2.00, I thought it would look cute in my laundry room.

And, we eat popcorn just about every night around here, so these Pottery Barn bowls are perfect.

I hope you found some neat treasures too..... Go check out Rhonda at Southern Hospitality and see what everyone else found!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New puppies and first day of school......

We had a super BUSY day here yesterday......

The boys first day of school and our super sweet black lab had our puppies!!!! We are just giddy around here, they are so cute. We bred her to our yellow lab Jake, and now there are 2 little Jakes and 4 little Jazzes. We are keeping one and the other 6 are already sold. Our dogs are part of our family, so the boys are having a hard time understanding why we can't keep all 7 of them. It was hard to get them off to their first day of school, because they wanted to stay and look at the puppies. I did get one picture!!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever??????

Here Jazz is with her litter of pups, she's such a good mommy.......

I got Carson to his class, he's not very excited......

Charlie Mac and I were super busy yesterday, and it was pretty quiet around here. I got a lot of things done. I couldn't resist this sharing a picture of this silly little boy!
I need to get some things done before I get the boys picked up from school. It is rainy and nasty here today, Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Table Reveal......

I just LOVE my new table!!! We got it put in this morning. I have been wanting a farm table for so long, and am just tickled to death to finally have it done. It is just perfect for our little (well, big) family!!
Here's some pictures I snapped this morning. I just love the antique cream color legs, I wanted something that could NOT be messed up with three little boys!!

The knots and dents just give it so much more character......

This weekend was pretty busy with open houses, Carson was not to excited about his. He does love school and will hop right on in there. School starts here for us on Wednesday, for Cole and Carson. Charlie Mac starts September 8th. He will only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 till 11:30. I can't believe my last little stinker will start preschool. I'm looking forward to having a couple of hours to get stuff done around here. The summer has gone by so quick and I love having all of us home for the Summer, but I am ready to get back in a routine. I am a very routine person, I drive my family crazy sometimes!!
Carson at open house.....
Here's the backpacks they chose this year, of course we have to have our names on it, this will definitely be the last year I can do this for Cole, Sigh :)
I got the new teachers a little something for thanking them for being our new teachers. They WILL have their hands full!
I'll finish with a picture from this weekend, Notice CM's necklace!! He is all about some necklaces!!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My table

Well, I went yesterday a took a peek at my table, All I can say is I think I'm in love! It is looking absolutely perfect for us!! The top is 2 inches thick of solid oak, and the table weighs a whopping 300 pounds or so. I wanted a solid heavy duty table that would last forever, I think I got it. It will be ready for staining next week, the top will be stained a medium to dark stain. The legs will be painted black made to look old. Carrol Owens has done a fantastic job.

Have you ever had one of those crazy weeks, like your running around with your head cut off??? Well, this week has been one of them. To start things off my Maytag dishwasher, mind you only 5 years old went to poop. So we ran to Lowes today and picked one up and Charlie and his Dad got it all put in. Thank you Rick!! :)

Since I have been feeling so overwhelmed with trying to get everything done around (here with three kids) I pulled out the old Mr. Family notebook. It has everything in this neat little book. I keep my schedule,shopping list,the boys papers from school and anything else I need for the week. Each person has their own little pocket where they can keep their things. I have my schedule and shopping list down in those paper protectors and use a wipe off marker, so I can keep using the same one. I really do love this thing, and I feel so much more organized when I keep up with it. Our schedule is fix'en to get busy around here, the boys start school in a week. Today we went and registered for football, both of the boys are playing. Whew, that wears me out just thinking about all the practices.

There has been some cuteness her this week though, I love these boys more than words can describe, I feel so blessed to be their mother, Sometimes things are hard when you have all three home with you durring the summer, but it's GREAT.

Tonight my little sister is coming over to watch the boys while Charlie and I go have some alone time. We are heading to Red Lobster!! Have a great evening.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My sweet baby is 18 months

Oh My, how time has flown by, I can't believe my little Charlie Mac is 18 months old. It seems like yesterday I was on my way to the hospital. He has been such a joy to our lives, I feel as if our little family is complete.......

We had us a little photo shoot outside, it's hard to photograph a toddler on a mission! I did get some cute ones though.

I hope you enjoyed some cuteness!!!
I'm excited to go and peek at my table. I have waited forever on this thing, but I know it will be so worth it when it's finished. I will post some pictures later this evening of it. It will still be a couple more weeks before it's complete, but this way I get a peek!!
Happy Friday!