Saturday, February 27, 2010

Craigslist scam....

Well, I was excited that I THOUGHT I had sold Carson's bed and dresser on craigslist. This was my first and last.

This person who went by Doctor Aubrey Clark lied to me for a week. He said he just moved here on a job assignment, that he would be sending me a cashier check from his bank. He also supposedly had hearing loss and was a retired dentist.I thought OK. He said he would pick the furniture up when I received the check. He then emailed me last weekend and said his bank messed up on the amount of the check, that it was supposed to go somewhere else, Could he please trust me here and send back the extra money. I told him please do not worry yourself sick this weekend, I would never do anything like that. Well, I got the check and went to my bank and cashed it. They didn't bat an eyelash, we do lots of business with them. I took my money out for the bed and wired the rest of the money back to him through Western Union. Y'all the check was not real. I knew something was up when he emailed me yesterday morning and said Sharae, The bank screwed up again and sent you another check, it is supposed to go for a car to someone else, He said I would get the check today....I did alright. I drug my baby around all day messing with this stuff. i went to the police and they took all the info I had and said, No way is this check real. The police said he sees this a lot. That the people who do this do not even live in the U.S., which makes it impossible to do any thing. I was so hurt and felt so betrayed. I was also ticked at my bank for cashing the counter fit check. They should of looked closer. I'm now responsible for the 2550.00! I won't go into details what happened with the bank. The "Doc" had the nerve to email me again and tell me that the check had been delivered to me, when could I send the money back? I told him He was sick and asked him how many other people has he done this to? His reply was, "What's wrong, Sharae?" SICK!!! As I sat there and boohooed, I honestly thought, I hate this happened to me, but I was glad it happened to me instead of a single mom who would now not be able to feed her babies or pay her rent. It was a lesson learned. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. My mind never even went there, It never crossed my mind. I wish I wouldn't of been so naive, but I can't change what happened. Please be more careful out there on the Internet!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy's little helper...

Oh, I just love this boy! He really is the funniest thing. Who needs T.V. when you have him around!

Me and him made a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. We were surprising the boys...There favorite.

He really liked mixing the icing!

AND, playing in the sink.

So silly!

The masterpiece.

It's been busy around here lately, I'm in the middle of redoing Carson's room. More to come on that one. Charlie Mac has preschool this morning, so I'm going to get paint for Carson's room, and maybe hit some flea markets.
I will be be back to fill you in on the bedroom, So long cowboys, sniff sniff : (
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My sweet Valentines....

We had a wonderful Valentine weekend. To start off my Saturday, Charlie had 2 dozen beautiful red roses delivered.

Carson spent the night with Charlie's parents Friday night and he came home Saturday morning with a card he picked out all by himself, he was proud as can be with himself...The card even talked.

Anna my niece came to babysit for the evening. We went to Saddle Creek, which has the best steaks ever! Then we went to see the most romantic movie....The Wolf man! It was the worst movie ever!! Charlie didn't even like it! We had a great time being together though. I truly have the sweetest husband. I'm a lucky girl!

This picture cracks me up, because first Carson took it and second this is really how it is around here....Little Charlie Mac right by our sides!

Daddy given' some loving.
AND more loving....
Sunday I got up and made heart french toast...

We shared our Valentines with the boys, Can't you just see the excitement all over him? : )

AND him?

We went to church and just stayed around here and were lazy, I love days like that.
I'm heading to the gym and running errands. LOTS to do, since the kids finally went back to school after a week off due to snow! Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charlie Mac's 2nd Birthday

Oh, he was the sweetest thing ever, He had so much FUN. Blowing out the candles was the best thing for any mom to watch....

He blew and blew till he was red in the face.

We had my parents and Charlie's parents over for dinner. I made a seafood pesto pasta, strawberry salad and rolls. It was all yummy! I think Charlie Mac had a great time.

He scored some great gifts as well. The Lightening McQueen was his favorite. My mom and dad bought him some cute Summer outfits and we picked up a wooden "Eggo" (that's Diego) train and his first potty!

I made his birthday hat, which he didn't wear out of the wrapping paper I used. I think it turned out cute and was easy. The cake was yummy and cute as well. I love round cakes! I just LOVE this little fella, and can't wait to spend another year with him!

I'm working on figuring out this storyboard collage. Rita from The Coffeeshop gives great tutorials, I'm just still learning! It's fun, but time consuming when you don't know what the heck your doing. My sweet friend Mandy gets texts from me asking her all kinds of questions about blogging and photography. Her pictures are amazing! So, I want to work on getting my images bigger putting text to it!
ANOTHER snow day here in Arkansas! I'm about ready for these little heathens to go to school! Charlie and I are going to take them to Chuckecheese today to get them out of the house.

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day...

NO sledding this snow day!! HAHA!! : )

It is beautiful here, and we were not even expecting it!

So I am finishing up on little Valentine projects for school....

I saw these cute cotton candy cones on a blog, but I can't remember where I found them.

So easy and as cute as can be.

All you need is cotton candy, sugar cones and goodie bags.

I even let the kids paint a Valentine picture frame, what a mess!!
Stay warm on this snowy Monday.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh, Charlie Mac......Where has the year went?

I can't believe my baby is TWO today.....

He has brought so much happiness to my heart, He is the completion to our blessed family.

He makes me smile, and when I look at him I know why I was created to be a mother.

Two years has gone by quicker than I ever imagined.

He is a lucky little boy to have big brothers that love him like they do.

The sweetest little behind.

The prettiest blue eyes.

Charlie Mac loves to be outside, no matter what we are doing....As long as it's out!

Happy 2nd birthday Charlie Mac

I love you!

We are having a birthday dinner here at the house with family. I'm keeping it simple. I want to be able to enjoy him, and not have to worry about entertaining.

I know lots of pictures, but I couldn't choose which ones to share.

I will share pictures from our little dinner and a yummy seafood pasta recipe tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A happy ending to a BAD weekend...

All is good now.....But I was scrap booking Saturday when I get a horrible phone call from Charlie telling me I need to get home now there has been an accident.....

Well, Charlie was pulling the boys on the sled by the 4 wheeler, and Charlie went to a stop, but the sled kept on going. To make a long story short, Cole went flying and hit the street sign by our house.

He wrapped around the sign and was knocked out. Charlie was scared to death because he thought he wasn't breathing and was completely lifeless. He called the ambulance and they took him to a local hospital and then they felt they needed to transfer him by ambulance to Arkansas Children's Hospital. He ended up with a broke rib and a very bad bruise to his liver.

This was the scariest thing we have ever went through, We thought the absolute worst. But GOD was so good to us. He heard every prayer we and everyone around us prayed. The doctors said an inch up it would of been a punctured lung and spleen. BUT again GOD is so good and watched over Cole. This has put our life back in check where it should be. You never know what can happen....It went from innocent fun with the boys to an emergency. Charlie and I are so thankful everything ended up great. As we set in the hospital and looked around at all the sick babies and children, we just cried and thanked our GOD for his protection over Cole and how truly blessed we are for our children and their health.

This is the scariest thing for a Mom to have to watch.......

Still smiling.....

Fixe'n to leave the hospital....

I just want to again thanks all our friends and family for the prayers and concerns for our family as we went through this hard time.

Cole is back at school today and doing great!!

Charlie Mac and I are going to walk out the door for Bible study, Have a great day!