Monday, February 15, 2010

My sweet Valentines....

We had a wonderful Valentine weekend. To start off my Saturday, Charlie had 2 dozen beautiful red roses delivered.

Carson spent the night with Charlie's parents Friday night and he came home Saturday morning with a card he picked out all by himself, he was proud as can be with himself...The card even talked.

Anna my niece came to babysit for the evening. We went to Saddle Creek, which has the best steaks ever! Then we went to see the most romantic movie....The Wolf man! It was the worst movie ever!! Charlie didn't even like it! We had a great time being together though. I truly have the sweetest husband. I'm a lucky girl!

This picture cracks me up, because first Carson took it and second this is really how it is around here....Little Charlie Mac right by our sides!

Daddy given' some loving.
AND more loving....
Sunday I got up and made heart french toast...

We shared our Valentines with the boys, Can't you just see the excitement all over him? : )

AND him?

We went to church and just stayed around here and were lazy, I love days like that.
I'm heading to the gym and running errands. LOTS to do, since the kids finally went back to school after a week off due to snow! Have a great Monday!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love it!
You had a great Valentines Day-I did too-I love flowers, and chocolates, and seeing all my boys faces when I bring out a special little gift for them-This is the Life!

On Thursday, I am having a guest blogger on about raising teen boys-come by-I am doing this for all the moms of little boys-spread the word if you want-

Audra said...

How fun! My 7 year old always has a sweat band on his arm too! Guess he isn't all alone.