Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charlie Mac's 2nd Birthday

Oh, he was the sweetest thing ever, He had so much FUN. Blowing out the candles was the best thing for any mom to watch....

He blew and blew till he was red in the face.

We had my parents and Charlie's parents over for dinner. I made a seafood pesto pasta, strawberry salad and rolls. It was all yummy! I think Charlie Mac had a great time.

He scored some great gifts as well. The Lightening McQueen was his favorite. My mom and dad bought him some cute Summer outfits and we picked up a wooden "Eggo" (that's Diego) train and his first potty!

I made his birthday hat, which he didn't wear out of the wrapping paper I used. I think it turned out cute and was easy. The cake was yummy and cute as well. I love round cakes! I just LOVE this little fella, and can't wait to spend another year with him!

I'm working on figuring out this storyboard collage. Rita from The Coffeeshop gives great tutorials, I'm just still learning! It's fun, but time consuming when you don't know what the heck your doing. My sweet friend Mandy gets texts from me asking her all kinds of questions about blogging and photography. Her pictures are amazing! So, I want to work on getting my images bigger putting text to it!
ANOTHER snow day here in Arkansas! I'm about ready for these little heathens to go to school! Charlie and I are going to take them to Chuckecheese today to get them out of the house.

Happy Wednesday.

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