Saturday, August 8, 2009

My table

Well, I went yesterday a took a peek at my table, All I can say is I think I'm in love! It is looking absolutely perfect for us!! The top is 2 inches thick of solid oak, and the table weighs a whopping 300 pounds or so. I wanted a solid heavy duty table that would last forever, I think I got it. It will be ready for staining next week, the top will be stained a medium to dark stain. The legs will be painted black made to look old. Carrol Owens has done a fantastic job.

Have you ever had one of those crazy weeks, like your running around with your head cut off??? Well, this week has been one of them. To start things off my Maytag dishwasher, mind you only 5 years old went to poop. So we ran to Lowes today and picked one up and Charlie and his Dad got it all put in. Thank you Rick!! :)

Since I have been feeling so overwhelmed with trying to get everything done around (here with three kids) I pulled out the old Mr. Family notebook. It has everything in this neat little book. I keep my schedule,shopping list,the boys papers from school and anything else I need for the week. Each person has their own little pocket where they can keep their things. I have my schedule and shopping list down in those paper protectors and use a wipe off marker, so I can keep using the same one. I really do love this thing, and I feel so much more organized when I keep up with it. Our schedule is fix'en to get busy around here, the boys start school in a week. Today we went and registered for football, both of the boys are playing. Whew, that wears me out just thinking about all the practices.

There has been some cuteness her this week though, I love these boys more than words can describe, I feel so blessed to be their mother, Sometimes things are hard when you have all three home with you durring the summer, but it's GREAT.

Tonight my little sister is coming over to watch the boys while Charlie and I go have some alone time. We are heading to Red Lobster!! Have a great evening.


Mandy said...

WOW!! That table is STUNNING! It is going to be amazing in your kitchen!!

I love those pics of the boys...they are just growing & growing...Cole has changed since we saw him earlier this summer!

I love that they will both play football, Owen says "say HI to Coach Wilke for me"...we will love him forever, I think! ;)

You are rocking out with your much do you charge to put those together?? haha

April said...

omg what a coincidence! now i understand your comment even moreso. your table is going to be outrageous! i can already tell. what a lucky girl having it custom made-- -never even occured to me to do that. i can't wait to see the final product. oh and you said there was "some cuteness" this week-- more like a LOT of cuteness!