Monday, September 21, 2009

finished barstools and My sweet lil' man's getting tubes...

My sweet fella is having tubes put in his ears Thursday morning. I hate that he has to have them, but it will make a huge difference. My other two boys had them also, so I figured Charlie Mac would have to have them to. His ear infections didn't start till around January, once he slowed down on nursing. I'm a firm believer that him being breastfed for over a year definitely helped him stay so healthy. this is just one of those things that is probably genetic, and that I'm sure he will outgrow like my other two did. We have to be a the hospital bright and early and I will keep you updated.

I was trying to change my sheets on the bed this morning, and he would not get OFF!!!! We had fun playing in the sheets!

Such a little SWEETIE.....

Ok, I finally finished my bar stools, they were a bargain at a local flea market. I got all three for 75 dollars, WHOOT,WHOOT}

I can't find my pictures of what they looked like before. Anyways, I used my spray paint and painted them babies and wiped of in areas where I wanted them to look distressed. I'm so happy with them and they look wonderful with my table. I feel so good about it to, because I saved quite a bit of money. they look so similar to Ballard's and Pottery Barn, but a fraction of the price. I love the rush seats, now my boys can wipe their little grimy hand on them, and they will clean right up.

And here's a sneak peak at my new craft room, just a few more things to do and I will be done. You will just have to come back and visit!!
My new curtains.....

My favorite part of the room......

I guess I better get off here and be productive, Ha!
Have a great Monday, Mr. Sun is finally back!


Cheri said...

Hi - Sorry to hear about Charlie's ear infections that came on after breastfeeding. We experienced the same thing and our youngest ended up needing speech therapy for a while because the "glue ear" he had prevented proper hearing. But, what we learned late was that dairy was causing the fluid, the extra mucous and repeat infections. Once we removed dairy from his life, he never had another infection. (He had tubes but still kept getting infections.)

Have you noticed if dairy causes any problems? The quickest way to tell is to remove it entirely from his diet for at least 4 days. And every little bit of dairy has to be avoided for a true test. Then, on day 5 or later, give him pure dairy, like milk. (Don't pick something with multiple ingredients.) If he has a problem with dairy, he will react - he might have red circles under his eyes, he might get all mucousy/hack cough, he might have behavior changes.

It's worth a look, because the dairy (which is extremely mucous producing regardless of allergy or sensitivity) can sure reek havoc otherwise. We supplemented with almond milk and lots of green veggies and the boys never had any calcium issues.

Good luck! I hope you can find something as simple as a dietary change to help his health.

Here's a page I put together years ago as we were going through this. The good news is that our boys did outgrow many of their reactions to dairy. They never officially tested "allergic" to it, but were healthier and much better behaved off of it. Our oldest literally got a violent streak when he consumed dairy - it was the weirdest thing.

I kept a food diary for several weeks, where I wrote down anything he ate/drank/smelled, what he looked like (eyes swollen/glassy, dark/red circles?), how he acted/felt and what time of day it was. For many items, he reacted delayed, meaning he might ingest eggs today but didn't have a migraine until 30+ hours later. The food diary was a life-saver. We found the same issues with red and yellow food dyes and chocolate, along with dairy. We had night and day boys if they ingested any of those items versus if they did not.

We kept the house clear of those items and would let them "cheat" at birthday parties and things, but knowing what our weekend was going to be like when we did. lol

Love you decorating, btw!! I have your website on my mine and check it often for decorating ideas!

Cheri said...

Oops, forgot the page! lol

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Tubes? Sorry-that face is precious, though!
Your bar stools are awesome!!!The would go great in my kitchen!

Mandy said...

Bless...poor CM...kiss that baby boy for me!!

Those bar stools KICK hiney!! You are a thrifty goddess! ;)

Can't wait to see that craft room, so proud of you for giving the stuffed animals the BOOT!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Those bar stools rock! Fantastic job. I love the framed photos, too.