Friday, April 3, 2009

So glad it's the weekend!

I'm just now posting, just had to much to do this week, and the boys were on Spring break last week. We had a great Spring break, didn't do a whole lot. We did make it down to see Charlie's family in Louisiana. We had a great time visiting,shopping and of course eating!!

Here is Charlie's aunt Anita and CM. Her yard was just beautiful, they are a little bit ahead of us bloom wise.

The boys love her wiener dog "stretch", they fight over him constantly, who's going to sleep with him,who's going to take him for a walk. That poor fellow, I know he was worn out by the time we left there!!

I have been playing around with my new Adobe Photoshop, OH MY GOSH, it's driving me crazy, I can't figure out anything on it. I'm going to have to find a book to help me with this complicated thing! I tried (notice I said tried) taking some pictures of Charlie Mac this morning so I could play around with the Photoshop, Here's just a couple of him. I Have to put him in a basket to contain him, That lil' man is in constant motion.

We came out and played this morning,it was beautiful here today. CM loves his swing and being outside. I practiced with my camera on something that would stay still, HA HA! My tulips are just gorgeous this year.

Have a great weekend !

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Leigh Ann said...

Loving that black and white shot. That is just the sweetest. I love tulips. They are my absolute favorite and nothing says Spring like them. I just told my husband I'm going to try to remember this year to plant bulbs. I always forget and then I'm so disappointed I didn't do it come Spring!