Thursday, April 9, 2009

Water Baby!

We had absolutely fabulous weather here yesterday! It even got warmer than what it was supposed to, I think it reached 80 degrees in fact. Not today cloudy and 65, ugh :)

I was attempting to water my plants when Charlie Mac found out that I had water. He LOVES water! water in the bathtub, water in the sink, water on the pool cover, he even now can find puddles, (such a boy).

He had the best time playing with the hose. I had fun watching him and practicing my photography. I just love this little fellow!

Happy Birthday MOM!!

PS I wont tell anyone your 50! :)

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ahh bear said...

Hi! Your boys are SO cute!! I love the pic of them from Christmas - how did you get them all to cooperate for that?!

Thank you for the compliment on Pierce's eyes. They are actually a nice lighter shade of blue that works well with pics when he is in the light. A lot of the time, I don't even have to do anything to them.

Sometimes I use DrewB's method which she outlines in Mom*tog Pro (and may be posting to her site at some point).

But before that I used a method I found online either at Blue Lily or The Pioneer Woman or some other photog's site (and I feel really bad that I didn't bookmark it!).

But what you do is (in Photoshop) - zoom in on the eyes and then draw a circle around one eye with the magic wand tool. Go to Select > Feather (somewhere under Select - may be in a subcategory) > Feather > 10 pixels. Next go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. I use a Radius of 1.0 pixels and Amount between 100 to 150% (preview the eye to decide if you like it). Finally go to Image > Contrast (might be under a subgroup again) and up the Contrast some - be careful not to make it too cyborg-ish (this term I remember distinctly from whoever originally posted the instructions). Repeat with the other eye. Also, consider lightening the eye with a different photoshop tool while you have it isolated.

I hope that helps some!