Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carson's 7th birthday bash

I can not believe my middle man is 7 today. It just does not seem possible, that Carson can be seven. My mom aka Mimi called to tell him happy birthday and she asked if he felt older today and he said" Yes, Mimi I do feel seven today!". He's a ham

Saturday we had his party at a local jump place. The kids had so much fun and were completely worn out. We did the party in Star Wars, Carson's favorite. He got about 150 dollars, and some cool toys. Carson set in the king's throne to open up his presents, which was neat. He had a great turnout and is now a rich little boy!

We are having a little family birthday this evening. i always make them a birthday dinner of choice, and he picked barbecue ribs. I've already got them out on the smoker. I picked up some fresh homegrown strawberries and am going to make strawberry lemonade. It's so nice here we are going to have a little outside dinner by the pool! I'm heading up to the school to take cupcakes to his class!!

Here are some pictures from the party Saturday

Cole was great with keeping C mac entertained!

My mom aka Mimi, she was even worn out!

Happy birthday sweet boy, Momma loves you!!!

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