Monday, April 20, 2009

Just like his Momma

That boy he is just like me, I guess its because he spends his just about every wakening moment with me. Charlie Mac is the funniest baby ever, and of course the cutest, if I must say so myself! We had a beautiful day here and I feel like I got a lot done. We planted some more flowers, and spray painted this ever so cute little table, I found at a local flee market. It is just the right size for Charlie Mac to read his books, or have a snack at. I'll share some pictures soon.
Here he is strutting his stuff through the flower beds.

I told ya he was just like me, he would not leave the spray paint can alone. Ha Ha!!
And He loves Sonic Sweet Peach Tea!!

Charlie Mac loves to be outside, and loves digging in the dirt, Isn't that what little boys are for?!!

I love these sweet little hands.

I truly cherish these time I get with my three boys. They grow up so fast, I always heard "Your going to blink, and they will be grown", I know that is the truth. Tomorrow is Carson's 7th birthday. We had his party Saturday and will have a little family party tomorrow evening. I'm going to go eat with him at school and take cupcakes tomorrow. I'll post all of his party tomorrow. I can't believe my middle baby will be seven. I'm going to go round um up for baths.

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Little*Precious Boutique said...

Aw, hon! Bless your heart, Carson can't be 7 already!!! :(

These shots of CM are so sweet (love that lil cowboy outfit too)...I know you guys are having a great time outside! I wish we were closer, E & CM would tear that dirt up!

Give C some birthday kisses for me!!