Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Dog Jake

Oh My, What a crazy expensive week we have had here at the Bryant house!!
Our furry friend loves to chew on anything and everything. Of course that is to be expected of him being Lab and all. Charlie noticed he didn't eat his food, and was laying around when he went to let him out of his pin the other morning. Jake normally jumps a mile high when he sees us coming down to let him out. But he didn't jump nor get up. So Charlie took him to the vet and they ran some tests to see what was going on, and there appeared to be something blocked in his intestines. Dr. Allen the vet tried to give him medicine to see if it would pass, of course not! Needless to say she had to preform surgery. What she found in there was Carson's sock!!! If she wouldn't of gone in there and removed it he would of died. It was a costly surgery, but it had to be done. Jake is home now with his family resting, he has to wear a "lampshade" on his neck, which he hates, so he will not mess with his incision. He will make a full recovery. Charlie and I had to have a talk with the kids about not leaving socks laying around!!
Here we are at the vet, notice Dr. Allen is holding the 1000.00 sock!!

Jake is the boy's best friend, He loves and protects them!

Jake LOVES Charlie Mac too, he follows him around and licks him constantly!

I'm glad that is all done with, You don't realize how much you love your pets, until you think you might loose them.
I'm going to go round up my bunch and get them ready for flagfootball games. We have two of them. I hope you have a great weekend.


Kim said...

Just wanted to come over and say hello!

Send me an email at and I'll take a picture of how I mounted the pvc curtain rod to the wall. I used the coat hooks, but had to alter them a bit. It's easier to show you than to explain. :o)

Thanks for visiting!

Kim said...

Forgot to mention that your boys are precious! I'm kinda partial to moms of boys. The stories we can tell, right?