Sunday, January 24, 2010

I heart hardwood......

OK, so I'm a little late posting these pictures I said I would. I'm so happy with the results, big mess, but so worth it. This wood will be so much easier to keep clean with little people. And the look and feel of it is soooo what I wanted.

We had the slate tore up in the entry and wood done in here as well, it flows much more now and looks bigger.

Here's the clock I was telling you about. It looks even better than I expected. And this cute bench was a flea market find for 40 dollars. It was a ugly yellow color with ivy stenciled all over it, NOT now!! I still want to distress it more. It look right at home here.

We had a great weekend at home, didn't do much of anything. I can't wait, I have a much more relaxed week ahead. I plan on doing some stuff around here, eating with the boys for lunch and just playing with Charlie Mac. The past couple of weeks I feel as if I never slowed down to appreciate my blessings.....That's going to change. This mornings message at church was what I needed to hear. I love my church and my Sunday School class.

I couldn't resist of posting some of my little munchkin..... The black eye is about gone, I'm glad because I'm sick of explaining I'm not an abuser!! No one has asked, i just think I need to explain to everyone! HA!!

Oh yeah, we had to have one with "baboo" as he calls the passy! : )

Friday at school Carson had his award ceremony.....

"I am proud that I'm getting better at solving word problems". Every child gets an award and they get to say what their proud of. Some parents don't like it that EVERY child gets one, BUT I DO!

The boys did some reading together this weekend....

If you notice the time....I took to long of a Sunday nap after church! I think I need to go and sleep!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Love your floors!
And the pictures of your boys remind me so much of mine-so darling!
The shirt that Charlie has is really neat-where did you find it???
Have a good week-with lots of rest in there somewhere! ;)