Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Cruise.....

Just sharing some more pictures of our cruise......

We went on the Carnival Triumph, it was so awesome! The ship was huge. I was afraid I would feel us rocking the whole time, but you can't even feel it. Of course I did one night we went through a storm!

The place is spotless, and I have never seen so many hard workers.

This is us dressed up the first night for dinner. I had so much fun getting ready, it was like going on a date every night. AND if you have children, you know how hardly that happens!

The food was amazing....We ate so stink'n much......BUT we did work out on the ship! :)

We had a balcony room, which I sooooo recommend.

I will be back to share more pictures of the day at Cozumel tomorrow.
I'm trying to find a good recipe for cod. I bought some fresh Cod at the grocery yesterday. If I find a yummy recipe, I will share it.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am pretty envious looking at all your pictures...You can tell by the ginormous smiles how much fun you both had!