Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree....

The day after Thanksgiving we headed on over to the Christmas tree farm. We do this every year, and always look forward to it. It makes wonderful memories.

It was a beautiful day, rows and rows of trees.

The tractor ride was Charlie Mac's favorite part of the trip. He was busy looking at the tractor and would not look at me.

We finally found the perfect one after an hour! This year we decided on a pine, the smell is HEAVENLY. Here Cole is sawing down the keeper....

Charlie Mac just set and watched us, He's so funny

Of course Carson had to do his part, Then Daddy finished it off.

Daddy loading it up....

We had a wonderful time finding our perfect tree. We went home quickly and started decorating the pretty little thing. The boys wouldn't help me that much on that, but if you give them saws they will help all day! I had fun decorating it, it's one of my favorite things to do.

One more thing....Did ya'll have any luck with your Christmas cards? We had a friend of mine who happens to be a photographer, come over and take family pictures here at our house. They turned out FANTASTIC! She helped me design the cards, and I can't wait to share them on here. I have to wait to get them mailed out to friends and family first!!!!
It is rainy and freezing here, just a good day to stay inside and piddle. I need to get off here in and wrap some presents. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

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