Monday, December 14, 2009

Crib Escapee.....

Well, It was bound to happen.....This little monkey has officially learned how to escape his crib. The other two did it, so he was bound to do it to!! Well, this Momma didn't mess around, I ordered a crib tent for little people just like this.

Here's the little escapee that melts my heart. This morning he was helping me empty the dishwasher. Look at that face.....

And then that wore him out so he needed a bowl of Cheerios. He's such a big boy now! Sigh :)

We have been in our Jammies all day. I have managed to get some house work done. I had to rock Little Mac to sleep since he can get right on out of his crib. I guess I better get off here and finish! :(
Happy Monday!

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