Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excited....BUT Nervous

Today is the big day for Charlie and I....We will be cruising to Cozumel, Mexico!!!! Neither of us has ever been on a cruise.

Is why I'm nervous is I have NEVER left my kids, without Charlie or I here overnight. I know it's time though. This is much needed quality time for us. Charlie's parents are coming here to stay at the house. My mom and dad are getting the kids too, so it shouldn't be that hard for them.....I hope! I know their in good hands.

I'm thankful that Charlie and I can get away for a bit. It's hard sometimes with three kids. I find myself wore out at the end of the day from motherhood, that there is nothing left to give. So this is perfect, just me and him.... NO children fighting, crying, meals to fix, laundry to wash. I hope to come back refreshed and my relationship with my husband stronger.

I will be back to share next week.


Deidra Brown said...

You and your husband will enjoy. I have been on several and my DH really likes to travel on a crusie everytime. Enjoy!

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