Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter morning started out by seeing what the Easter bunny left in the boys baskets. I try to stay away from so much candy. The boys were wanting the Blind Side, so the bunny gave them it. Cole got "Diary of a wimpy Kid" book and some new Gummies for his MP3 player. Carson got a kite, Me and him had lots of fun out trying to fly it this afternoon. The bunny also left him a Star Wars set. Little Mac got a crayon roll, It is so cute....It rolls up and is perfect for the diaper bag. He also got him a little chair to go out by the pool.

The other day CM crawled up on the bar to play in the water, he tumbled down and fell on his head. Scared me to death. So that is what he's sporting on his eye!

I TRIED to get some pictures of the boys this morning, HAHA!!!...... Carson has his fingers up to make bunny ears on his brothers, Little toot.

This was a sweet one of Cole and Charlie Mac....Carson was off getting in trouble for not listening!
Now there is a band aid, It started bleeding because the boys were ruff housing. So yes, Sponge Bob makes it all better.

The boys look sweet in their matching blue Polo's. I found CM's outfit at a consignment shop, it's a Kelly's kids, I paid 8.00 for it and had a C monogrammed on it. Charlie and I always match the boys as well on Easter and Christmas.

I cooked lunch for my family today after church. My sister,brother, Mom, dad and my in laws came to share Easter with us. I love getting together with my family. My heart aches for people that don't have family to share holidays with. I cooked ham,mashed potatoes and yeast rolls. Mom brought beans and deviled eggs. Charlie's mom brought dressing. For dessert I made strawberry shortcake, a tradition.

We had a great Easter. I'm ready to get back to the swing of things tomorrow. My house is a wreck, Thank goodness the cleaning lady comes tomorrow! It's hard to keep a clean house when everyone is home. I wouldn't trade it for anything though. Have a wonderful Easter evening.


Mandy said...

You are a super mommy!!

What a fun day you guys had & everyone looks ADORABLE!

Bless, CM & his little head! He & Sneaky E would be a pair, E has bruises all over his arms & legs right now himself!!

I just emailed you, btw. :)

happy easter!!

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

Your boys are such cuties!

It looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Happy (late) Easter! :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Yikes-poor CM and that gash!
Happy Easter-we have a similar experience with three boys and pictures...