Monday, March 29, 2010

Wye Mountain...

It was beautiful here Saturday, we decided to take a little day trip to Wye Mountain. The daffodil field there is beautiful. I tried to get some pictures of the kids, not an easy job! I hardly got any good pictures. They were stinkers.

Check out Cole here, he was complaining...."Why do we have to drive this far to get a picture with a flower!"

Yep, this is the best one of the boys!

This is funny, because Cole and Carson both have the same grins....

This one is sweet....I love Charlie Mac looking at his daddy.

This was about the way it went.....keeping it real, one kiddo looked cute the other making faces or closing their eyes! Ha!

He didn't want me kisses him either!

I got lots of shots of CM on the move.....

Sweet Carson.....

Handsome Cole.....

Carson's face cracks me up here!

Lots of squinting, the sun was BRIGHT.

So, not very good pictures, but we had fun and that's what the most important thing was. Sometimes that is just the way it works out.
I have been planting out in the yard, I LOVE Spring, Planting flowers and gardens is one of my favorite things to do. What about you, are you planting a garden and what do you grow?
Enjoy your Tuesday, my boys are all at school right now. When I pick up CM, Mom and I are heading to the mall to look for Easter dresses.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

How fun...and I SO can relate to the picture issues with three boys...It seems to be the easiest to take individual pictures-All three is nearly impossible these days!!!
Gorgeous family,
Gorgeous flowers,
Gorgeous baby,
Gorgeous boys!