Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Heart beadboard...

Ok, So I didn't post twice the other day. Shame on me!

Anyways A couple of weeks when my hubby was out of town, I decided to try my hand at this bead board wallpaper that's floating all over blog land. AND let me tell you.... It was so easy and it looks like the real thing, but so much easier and cheaper.

Here is like the only picture I could find of the before. I know my parents and brother look so enthused.

What a HUGE difference it made. It lightened up the room and gave it a cozy and not so formal look. Just what I wanted. I did change out the curtains to a creamy white silk. I ordered them from Overstock. The rug as well was purchases from Overstock.

My antique sideboard, which is my favorite piece in my whole house.

I'm starting a collection of white plates on the wall. I want several more, but just got to find them!

I so recommend the bead board wallpaper. If your looking for an alternative to the real thing.
I have already started decorating for Christmas, I know very early, but I want to be able to enjoy all the hard work I put into it.
Check back, and I will post some of my Christmas decor.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I want to try the beadboard wallpaper, too-Did you do trim above it? How did you finish it off?

Mandy said...

That looks AWESOME!!
It looked awesome before, but I can see that it really brightened up your dining room & those curtains look beautiful too!!

Where did you get the beadboard wallpaper? I want to do my little powder room downstairs.

Kim said...

@Cheap Chic Home. Can I just shop around your dining room? I like the plates, mirror, chairs, chandi... Keep up the good work.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Way to go! I still have a roll of the stuff brand new and have never tried it yet. Still waiting for the perfect spot. :)

Lovely room! The red is so regal.

Thanks for linking up to SNS #5 at

Funky Junk Donna

Linda said...

Looks super good!!! I have never used the wallpaper but I have put up lots of the real's not do need a hubby and I will be putting some up this week in our morning room. The whites plates look outstanding!