Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer's Almost over...

I know I have been a totally lame blogger this Summer, But these kiddos have kept me on my toes. I LOVE them to pieces, but this Momma is ready to send them on there way to school. They are ready to go back also. I'm sad at the fact that my biggest baby boy will be in the 7th grade, it just doesn't seem possible.

And Mr. Carson...well, he is just Mr. Carson. That boy is a mess!! You never know what is coming out of his mouth. Such a stinker! We have probably done more swimming in our backyard this year,then the first year we got our pool. The boys,Charlie and I have just really enjoyed it this Summer.

We have definitely had some quiet noisy days at home, just hanging doing nothing. Truthfully my boys would rather be home than anywhere, can be a good thing, but bad thing as well!  Little Charlie Mac has been off his little schedule, staying up to late, sleeping in, NO nap, then crashing at 7:00 pm. This is all changing this week for our family.

 We have had several family dinners over the last few weeks. I always love getting together with family. My mother and father in law are building a beautiful house. They are getting ready to move in this next week. They have only been building for a couple of weeks. They must have a wonderful builder!!!! ( You are a wonderful builder Mr. Hubby!) I will share pictures soon on their house.  

Nana and boys before dinner

I have been able to get some things done in the house. More to come on that soon! I have mostly just been taking it easy and playing with the boys. I feel grateful that I can be home with them and just hang out! It just seems like this Summer has flown by. I want them to have memories to take into adulthood. I want them to remember that their Momma was fun and had a good time with them.

So back to the business of  school and all the other things that go along with a new school year. Cole starts basketball and Carson starts football. So, I will be the taxi lady here shortly.

I WILL be back to share more, I promise!!

I hope you have had a wonderful Summer as well! : )

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