Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I couldn't resist

Have you ever been somewhere and found something lovely, but had no idea what so ever you were going to do with it? Well, I'm guilty today. I ran into my local flea market and saw this cute antique armorie. Even better, everything in the booth was 1/2 off the price. So, I got her for 70.00 dollars! The whole way home I was like, where in the world am I going to put this little beauty?

For now I have her in the living room. I'm not sure if she will stay there, but I think these can be put anywhere....bathroom to hold towels, dining room to hold china, bedroom to hold clothing or bed linens. Really anywhere. I know it will be a looooooooonnnnngggg time before grand kids are in the pictures, but I would love to be able to hand it down to a grand baby! Oh, good golly I know I'm so ahead of myself!

I have been in need of a gift wrapping space. I thought this would be a great place to organize all of it. The wrapping rolls would fit perfect in the large area, and the ribbon, bags and other things in the drawers.

The little boys love to paint, so I got them a cheap canvas at Michael's the other day and let them paint till their hearts desire!

It kept them entertained for a little bit anyway....Almost why I got dinner done!

Charlie Mac was covered in paint by the time he was done. I had to scrub him good in the tub. It has just been so hot here, we have had to find things to do in the house. I did manage to go though outgrown winter clothes today. I'm not fooling with consignment sales or EBay this season. We have a local shop that does real good. So, I'm letting them do the work!

I' m going to go get the littlest monkey in bed before the big boys come home from church. Have a great evening.


Laura Lynn said...

Love it and there are so many uses too!

Unknown said...

i love and miss you Rae - So very much and my heart hurts each day - Dad

Unknown said...

I still love and miss you even more my dear baby! Dad