Monday, October 19, 2009

The perfect pick....

It was a glorious Fall day here in Arkansas, so we loaded up and went to the pumpkin patch. I was a little disappointed, not many pumpkins. All the rain we had really effected the pumpkins this year. We did have a great time though.

Warning: Lots of pictures.....

My four kids, HA!

The boys loved feeding the horses

It's hard to get a family picture....

Carson feeding the horses.....

Me and my BIG baby....

Cole and Carson really can be sweet to each other, not very often. I'm glad I had my camera.

Cole found his pumpkin.

charlie Mac had fun running to each one and touching it.

I'm one LUCKY momma!

Cole being so 11! :)

The best one I could get of the three of them!

I have a busy day ahead. I have both the boys teacher conferences. And I need to get something together for the teachers to snack on while they conference. Charlie Mac has mom's day out this morning, so I should get a lot done in my 3 hours. I guess I need to go get the hounds up and ready for the day.
Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Cute, cute, cute-all of you are!!!
Love the pictures-they are great!