Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bonn fire fun....

Oh my, we had a busy weekend. Charlie's cousin Wendy and her sweet family came in from Louisiana to visit for the weekend. We got all the family together for a Bonn fire and wienie roast. We had a great time eating and visiting. We have two new little additions to our family. I am a GREAT aunt! HA, that really sounds old.

Here's some pictures from our get together.

marshmallow roast

Silly Daddy...

Charlie's cousin Wendy and her sweet little girl Amanda. Oh, My she's a hoot!

Charlie Mac ate about 10 marshmallows.... I know I win the prize for best mom! :)
look at that sweet face, It's like he's saying see Mom, I'm eating another one!

Cole eating some yummy chili.
My great niece Makenzie, she is a doll baby, look at those cheeks. ;)

And my great nephew Tori Preston, Look at those eyes! :)

We had a great evening. I Love when we get to spend time together as a family. I hope your having a great Sunday as well!

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