Thursday, May 28, 2009

This "N" That

I have totally been so busy, that I have not even had time to blog in a while! Whew, these kids keep me on my toes!

We got Charlie Mac the cutest little sand and water play set. He loves it and so does Carson. It's made by Step two and I totally recommend it! We got it at Kmart.

CM and Carson getting serious about this!

My mother in law, Rosemary, and I went to this super quaint little town called Keo, it has even been featured in Southern Living. There is a little eat place called Charlotte's, they have the best pie. Oh, my I mean YUMMY !) keo is known for their antiques. Rows and rows of antiques. Here is Charlie Mac playing on an antique tractor. We didn't buy anything, but had so much fun dreaming. I do have a great mother in law! We have fun together.

Charlie Mac was bribed with a sucker, which made it's way to the hair! I could eat him up, he's so stink'n cute.......

Here's Charlotte's, such a neat little place...

I told you the pie was yummy, look at it, strawberry!
I will be back soon, I promise not so long this time. Charlie Mac and I are are going to hit a couple of flea markets today. I'm on the hunt for while milk glass. I will share what I'm doing when I'm all done.
Have a great Thursday,


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Paige said...

You photography skills are incredible! Not to mention I'm a sucker for a Farmall and strawberry pie any day! =)

We do have good taste on the name situation! That is so neat that it was going to Charlie Beth too.